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  1. 89 Civic Hatch for Farm Use

    Electric Motors
    I'm looking to basically use my civic as an electric golf cart/tractor on the farm. Obviosly doesn't need to go fast, but something with some torque would be ideal. Any ideas for what kind of motor I should use for this?
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey guys I'm new here. I am looking to buy a jeep grand Cherokee with a blown engine to do an electric motor swap. In my short research I have done so far and a bit of experience. Driven many miles in a tesla model s. I have come to a few conclusions - I want a powerful ac system with good...
  3. 1st electric off-road car will participate in the Dakar rally raid 2012

    EV News
    Hi everyone! First of all, I’m new here and this will be my first post :) Secondly, I have pretty exciting news for EV fans! Read further ;) First electric off-road car called “OSCar eO” is being built at the moment and is going to participate in the Dakar rally raid 2012 to win it. This is...
  4. Lightweight off road go-kart

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I want to build a 10mph, aluminium offroad kart for my disabled four year old son. Speed and direction and braking by means of a wheelchair joystick. Two hour mixed driving endurance. Big enough for an adult to use. I have already purchased two 900watt 24V scooter motors from Currie...
  5. Electric Off Road Vehicle

    Dallas EV Club
    Hi all! I am a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and my team and I are working on our senior design project. Everyone on the team is a mechanical engineer. The project is for a disabled man who loves the outdoors but is limited in being able to go out and enjoy nature. Our team...