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  1. Orion 96s BMS

    Bot it on this form about a month ago and never got around to install it. Would like to get my money back. $800 plus shipping. Located in San Jose, CA
  2. Would this setup work?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I've recently acquired an unfinished kit car project that i'm hoping to complete using EV components. The car is RWD and i was hoping to either just use direct drive or get a gear reducer of some sort. I'm looking for a pretty decent power output. I was thinking of using the following...
  3. Orion Battery Management System, 84 Cell Rev D

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Like the subject says, Orion Battery Management System, 84 Cell Rev D for sale on this e-bay website: The auction is for $490 to start, 7 days. Used but working fine. Hope this helps someone on DIY Electric...
  4. GM to invest 200M in Orion & Pontiac plants. no new jobs :(

    EV News
    Chicago. General Motors will invest 200 million dollars in the production of the new generation of its electric model, which is based on the Bolt concept car. GM North America President Alan Batey made the announcement at a breakfast ahead of the Chicago Auto Show. The Bolt EV concept was...