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  1. Curtis 1236e-64xx Upper Voltage Limit

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    Hi everyone I am purchasing ZENN 1 EV LSV Has a Curtis 1236e-64xx Zenn is a 72 VDC if I hook up a generator as range extender by hooking up a homemade ac/dc battery charger the bulk voltage would be 1.2 X Nominal Battery Voltage so in this case 86.4 VDC is that going to cause problems or is...
  2. Curtis 1221C-7401 Over Voltage Derating

    This is meant to share, not encourage (nor discourage). Don't try this at home! (unless you can afford to lose a controller, YRMV, DSAYOR, etc.) First the results, then some back story: My 120V DC controller (Curtis 1221C-7401) is no longer happy running at 140V. It started cutting out and...