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  1. WANTED: Batteries! So.Cal (possible trade for Ranger EV parts?)

    Hello folks! I have got a pair of factory Ford Ranger EVs, one of which I am attempting to "restore" and get back on the road! I'm looking for a high voltage pack to do a Lithium swap on the white truck. As a young (22 yo.) EV enthusiast, I don't have a ton of money to spend, so I am on a bit...
  2. Lost interest in EVs - lots of stuff for sale

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    hi, I have a complete Porsche 911 conversion for sale (mostly professional quality) and misc stuff (external charger, brand new big resistor for discharging batteries, brand new extra electric cooling fan, some cables etc), please see my posting in the Marketplace and ping me with questions and...
  3. FS Parts for 911/other car Electric Conversion

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    hi, I have a complete Porsche 911 conversion for sale, it could also be adapted to other cars or parted out - let me know what you need, thanks
  4. Attempted repair/salvage of VFD

    Technical Discussion
    Someone on a machinists' forum had a Hitachi L200 3HP VFD that suddenly stopped working with an E14 ground fault error, and I offered to pay him up to $50 for it, thinking I could repair it or at least use some of the parts. He sent it to me and I determined that the upper IGBT on the T2 motor...
  5. For Sale: glowing blue plastic dummy j1772 receptacle/inlet - $25

    I am the creator of an open-source j1772 dummy inlet that I posted on the thingiverse, recently I had someone show interested in purchasing this from me. I wanted to let the community know that I have more available at a realistic price. 25 USD$ plus shipping. This is blue glow-in-the-dark...
  6. Sale of project :(

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi all, It is with much sadness that I post this, as I have been really keen on my evbeetle project for over 18months now and have all the parts for the conversion. I now have to look at selling all the EV parts for my car as my situation has changed, and so I am offering almost an entire kit...
  7. I want to do a conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'm 17 years old, but I'm very good with mechanics. I'm in the process of fixing a rod knock in an old S15 sonoma. After I finish with the truck I'm hoping to sell it and get some money to start an EV conversion. I'm thinking of getting an old geo, or something small like that... or maybe an...
  8. Step 1: How to plan a DIY Electric Motorcycle

    Last week I said that this blog would be part journal, part guide to the conversion process but I've decided to separate those two categories by having a build thread for the bike with pretty pictures and having this blog as a sort of step by step guide. I'll still give you updates here but...