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  1. Ampera/Volt inverter small interface board PCB

    I successfully powered my car on the driveway with Ampera inverter using my interface PCB. I still have some of sensor board interface PCBs left if anyone is interested in using Ampera inverter with Johannes mainboard. I can sell at 20€ per PCB. Also i can help with instructions on how to...
  2. Voltage sensor relay, 80-300V, for $20 (DIY PIC)

    Technical Discussion
    I have just built a voltage sensor relay that fits easily in an 8 pin octal enclosure (1.5"x1.5"x2"), with DPDT contacts rated at 8 amps 240 VAC. It draws only about 12-15 mA from the signal, which can be AC or DC. It is only programmed to turn on the relay at 160 VAC and off at 140 VAC, to...
  3. LiFePo4 BMS/PCB suggestions ?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi Guys, i need some guidance for BMS circuit for LiFePo4 pack. Basically i wish to make 4S1P battery pack based on headway 4x16Ah cells. This pack will be mounted on my scooter in addition to the existing acid baterry and will be used as a seperated power source for other elctronic devices i...