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  1. Charger's Power Factor: how to measure

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, How can I measure the "power factor" which is advertised in most chargers for EV batteries? I heard the "bad boy" capacitive chargers have bad PF that affect the grid. How is that and how it translates? The bill? Thanx, ekthor
  2. For Sale: Lectric Leopard, 1400 original miles, $3000

    Too many other projects means my Leopard has sat for far too long. It's time to let it go. The car is just outside Philadelphia. A full description of the car is at . The highlights are: Set up for 20 GC batteries, still seats 4 comfortably A ceramic heater blows...
  3. ElCon PFC 4000 Battery Charger

    For Sale: ElCon PFC 4000 Battery Charger I am selling an ElCon HF PFC-4000 Charger, it's currently programed for 144V 250ah AGM battery pack. This charger can be reprogrammed to accommodate other battery packs, it just needs to be sent back to ElCon. I originally bought this 3-4 years ago to...
  4. The FOAT (Fastest of All Time)

    EV Performance
    All, check out a board I've been on lately Its kind of a social network thing (like facebook) for racers of anything FAST. Trains, planes, automobiles, boats, RC cars anything that is FAST. I had quite a reception as the webmaster and their sponsors sought me out to post some...