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  1. Ford Escape plug in Conversion ??

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Just wondering if there are any kits out there to upgrade a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid to a plug in Hybrid. I did see a few sites that offered kits for the Prius but all the sites for the Escape were no longer functional - at least the ones I came across. I understand that the Ford escape can go...
  2. Voltage sensor relay, 80-300V, for $20 (DIY PIC)

    Technical Discussion
    I have just built a voltage sensor relay that fits easily in an 8 pin octal enclosure (1.5"x1.5"x2"), with DPDT contacts rated at 8 amps 240 VAC. It draws only about 12-15 mA from the signal, which can be AC or DC. It is only programmed to turn on the relay at 160 VAC and off at 140 VAC, to...
  3. Plug-In Oxyhydrogen Engine

    New Member Introductions
    As much fraud is associated with water-fueled cars, there really is a working concept that involves plugging the car into an electrical socket to electrolyze the water into oxyhydrogen for use as a legitimate fuel. So far, no one who has attempted to capitalize on oxyhydrogen combustion engines...
  4. building a hybrid, maybe

    New Member Introductions
    I really want to build an electric car, but it is not uncommon for me to make long trips, sometimes traveling more then 200km several times a month. because of this i would need to have a separate ice car to make these longer trips. Something that i think would be a waste of money, why spend all...
  5. Los Angeles Area EV Dealer

    EV Dealers EnVironmental Motors (EVM) is based in Glendale, CA and was founded over 6 years ago by Kent Sokolow, who has been consistently driving electric cars for over 8 years ago (long before it was “the cool thing to do.") Kent, a serious...