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  1. Controllers
    I’m trying to find Hall Sensors / PotentioMeters (IP60+) to control boats (forward, iddle in the middle, reverse, over preferably over 180 degrees angle) compatible with Curtis AC Motor Controllers. Can anybody help me out? Thanks.
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I am beginning an EV conversion with a mini cooper from the early 2000s (I'm still trying to choose which year I want but I know it's going to be a model from 2002 - 2010) and I'm trying to make my first purchase for either one or two potentiometers. I've heard that it's good to use two...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been working on my EV conversion, and if you want to see my current progress, here's a link to my latest video on it ( I'm working on wiring it all together and getting the motor to react to the throttle pedal. After trying for a bit, I came to...
  4. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi everyone. I am relatively new to the electric veichle world, but I know my way around electronic circuits and whatnot. I am toying with the concept of constructing an EV (not really for driving on public roads, just a small buggy for my enjoyment) and wondering about the necessity of a...
  5. Controllers
    Hi All, Does anyone have a standard part number for a replacement pot for a PB-6 throttle box? I would love to have a part number from Mouser/Allied/Radio Shack etc... Anyone replaced thiers before? Mine is giving me dead spots where instead of a smooth, linear throttle response, I hit spots...
1-5 of 5 Results