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  1. Pouch cell spacing

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi,We're an fs team based out of Mumbai, india. We are using LiCoO2 pouch cells for our battery pack and I wanted to know if it is a good practice to keep pouch cells in contact with each other by their faces. What can be the consequences and issues and is there any way to avoid them?
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    37 Dow Kokam XALT 75Ah lithium batteries. NickelManganeseCobalt(NMC) Lithium Ion/Graphite Anode Cathode For all the specifics see the data sheet included: You can also look at the build thread that I had for my electric...
  3. Why pouch?

    Batteries and Charging
    I am puzzled on why a DIY EVer would use pouch cells instead of prismatic cells. A battery pack using Prismatic cells is far easier to design, implement, service and manage with a BMS. It seems to me that pouch cells would only be considered for a production traction pack, where the high...