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power calculations
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  1. Electric Motors
    Hi! I've been browsing the forum for a couple of hours now, and I'm still not sure about the power ratings and equivalence between ICEs and DC motors. I want to convert a classic 1981 Daihatsu Hijet Wide 55 microvan. the original engine's specs are as follows: Type: four-stroke...
  2. Electric Motors
    The AC50 seems to have the highest profile of the AC Motors but I read varying anecdotal reports of its capability around hills. Chinese BLDC motors are looking very promising as an alternative. On my commute I have a hill climb that has to happen. My car is a BMW 318ti. I am doing all my...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    Hello people, I am currently doing a project on electric cars. I am designing the powertrain of an electric race-car on MATLAB/SIMULINK for the Formula Student UK competition. I am struggling with the claculation of the power required from the power source (battery). I simulated my design and...
1-3 of 3 Results