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  1. Curtis 1236 main contactor and precharge issues

    Hey guys, I have a curtis 1236 controller and i want to use the in internal precharge. I have my main contactor connected to the ksi coil return pin (pin13) and the driver 1 pin (pin6). The main contactor is between B+ and battery positive. MY pack is 48V. It seems as if the two pins im...
  2. €10 automatic precharge controller (discretes)

    When I registered here, I set myself the goal to start my first conversion build in 2018. And a couple of months ago I decided to go for it after I saw the first results of €1000 DC conversion here. To do a build on a shoestring and in a short period of time, the electronics have to be simple...
  3. My Power Controller

    Finished Soldering 6 Power Controller boards last night. :) In my Solectria E10, I am planning on having 4 parallel groups of 20 Leaf modules in series (150V @ 65Ah per group), and thus I need a way to pre-charge, connect, and disconnect them to/from the main vehicle power bus. That is the...
  4. Curtis 1238 Error 14 PreCharge Failed

    My little Wheego frustrated me a bit by dying in the middle of the road yesterday. I was driving about 30 MPH when it lost power & coasted to a stop, not to restart. The initial error displayed 18 overvoltage, while decelerating it went to error 12 controller over current, then showed 14 when it...
  5. Alltrax SPM failed while normal driving

    I have been using alltrax spm for the past two years. Yesterday I was driving my normal trip from work to home (only 1.5 miles). During driving I heard a blow noise (it could be the noise of the contactor went off) and I lost power. No supply, everything gone.. I pulled off the road whilst the...
  6. Aux Battery Needed?

    Technical Discussion
    I was wondering, because I've had a hard time finding info, if the aux 12V battery is really necessary? Would an EV work with just the DC/DC converter alone, or does that cause issues with the contactor/precharge business? Also, it seems the precharge resistor is something I overlooked in my...
  7. Zilla Error code 1131 short/load at precharge

    Technical Discussion
    While my wife was driving my 92 Escort conversion it "died". It started normally drove for about 1/2 mile and the dash indicator that the car is ready to drive went out. See I pulled the codes from the hairball using the palm pilot to find: *1131 - Shorted / Loaded...
  8. EV High Voltage, Turning it on and off:

    Technical Discussion
    I am starting this thread so I will stop hijacking other peoples conversations in order to sell my step-start delay:rolleyes:. There are a lot of opinions on how to apply power to the controller. There are safety considerations for both the equipment and people. If we can work out some...