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  1. Old Dog learning new Tricks....Lexus MGR

    New Member Introductions
    Hello EV people, I just joined here in order to support my project to convert a 2cv van to electric. Being unable to do things simply , Ive gone straight to IPM AC technology and have obtained cheaply a Toyota/Lexus MGR and have been following with interest the pioneering work of JDCircuit...
  2. Planning 2nd generation Prius hybrid to full EV conversion.

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    1. Am fairly well versed in electrical components and OK with most mechanical procedures including unfamiliar ones with decent instruction. 2. Not looking to retain any legacy related to gasoline motive drive with the exception of perhaps building a master black box which intercepts certain...
  3. Choosing a Motor for a Farm E-Tractor

    Electric Motors
    I am in the design phase of converting my 1953 Ferguson tractor from internal combustion 2 Electric Drive. I am planning on using what is cheapest and available to me. I work at a junkyard and I have access to Toyota Prius Transmissions which have the electric motor houses in them. Also I have...
  4. Choosing a Motor for a Farm E-Tractor

    EV News
    Moderator please delete I already reposted in the other forum.
  5. Bi-directional buck-boost converter, battery simulator

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, I am not sure if anyone is interested in this, but I am in the process of building a 10kW Bi-directional buck-boost converter (48V - 500V). This will be used as a battery pack simulator (replacing my large stack of AGM batteries, which are retired from my truck)... I repair motor...
  6. Using Prius Motor for 85 Ranger EV Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi, I have an 85 Ranger 4 cyl, 4 speed tranny. I want to convert it into an EV. I have excellent mechanical and good electrical skills. I am work at a technical college and teach machining classes. So I have full access to a machine shop! My son recently had a Prius hybrid engine given to him...
  7. The Ultimate Prius: PHEV-CNG Coupe... And Questions

    Production Hybrids
    I was surprised that there is no production coupe version of the Prius/Yaris hybrids. One innovative salvage firm created a coupe Prius by doing a "reverse stretch" on two wrecked Prii. I am planning on getting one of those. I had already decided I wanted to have it modded for PHEV. Recently...
  8. Highlander Hybrid and Prius motors

    Electric Motors
    Hello Everyone! I am in the process of building an EV using the Highlander Hybrid rear differential(s). The goal will be to use these units for an AWD system. There has been a previous thread about that here...
  9. 2002 Prius for $1000 needs batteries, good deal?

    Production Hybrids
    I found a 2002 Prius locally on Craig's List for $1000. Would this be a good candidate for an EV conversion or would it be better to just service the batteries and keep it original? Or maybe replace the batteries with LiFePO4 cells?
  10. Toyota "e-Prius" Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    As a current Prius PHEV driver (for over a year) and a firm believer in "KISS" (and an Electrical Engineer), I've decided that it is time for my wife to enter the world of EV'ing via a very simple Prius "upgrade" from Hybrid-Electric to All-Electric. First, let's look at her driving habits...
  11. Using individual Prius Battery cells for small 36V or 48V EV ??

    Batteries and Charging
    Would it be feasible to use individual 7.2 cells from a Prius battery for a small EV running at 36V or 48V instead of the standard deep cycle lead acid batteries? Pro's & Con's regarding the selection of chargers and controllers ?? The weight savings would wouild probably be the biggest PLUS...
  12. old Prius electric engine?

    Electric Motors
    What about a used electric engine from an wrecked Prius? Is it possible or are the engine to complicated to reuse? These engines go for about $130-200 here in Sweden from an salvage yard. Anyone heard of such a project?