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  1. Curtis 1239e VCL and manuals

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, I have my Curtis 1239e and HPEVS AC-50 working nicely in my Ford Probe (probatron). In the setting manual there is a description of the VCL functions that can be used to customize the controller. In particular it describes how to set one of the output to drive the vehicle tacho. This would...
  2. need help with acceleration from curtis 1239e with ac50 motor in Ford Probe

    Technical Discussion
    Hi All, I have had my Ford probe converted for a long time with DC motor and drive system (ADC FB 4001 motor and Zapi H3D 800A controller). I recently blew the brushes out of my motor for the 3rd time as my DC controller was going into regen mode and destroying the brushes over time with...