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  1. Problem with full throttle motor stop pushing

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, I tried to be as specific as possible in the title. This is my problem, I work for an small neighbor and we bought 10 e bikes from a quite professional builder at china. When they sent the sample with bafang hub motor it worked great. Then to make it a little cheaper we decided to use a...
  2. Help with an EV circuit for a quad cycle

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hello All, My friend and I are converting a quad cycle used to carry pizza boxes into an EV. While building the circuit for the motor, battery, motor controller, and throttle, we ran into an issue that we do not know how to fix. When the circuit is connected, and the battery is turned on, the...
  3. Having issues wiring AC50 + Curtis + Calb

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I have never really posted because I didn't have anything to contribute. But soon I will. I have bought 62 Calb batteries, 60Ah. I made 2 packs worth 95V 60Ah, wired together made 95V 120Ah (I didn't use all 62 batteries). All that to give power to my HiPer AC50 motor. I wired...