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  1. Batteries and Charging
    Hi everyone! Just joined this forum since there seems to be a bunch of insanely knowledgeable people here! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows how to program the digital output pins of the Brusa NGL513 charger so that they output 5V. Just straight 5V, no actual data. I'm trying to power a...
  2. Controllers
    Hey everyone, I was looking at getting a Golden Motor for my Moped conversion. Has anyone had any luck programming these things? I am new at this and was just curious if anyone has any suggestions figuring out how to do things with them. Specifically, I am looking at the Model: VEC200 following...
  3. Controllers
    A long time ago I bought an IDM "PowrMaster" VFD, 480V at 9 amps, which never quite worked, and now I am stripping it for parts and maybe repurposed for a DIY inverter: It appears to be 3.7 kW (5 HP) and with all the panels and parts (not all shown) it probably weighed at least 40...
1-4 of 4 Results