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  1. PWM Heater

    Technical Discussion
    Let's construct something useful, at least in theory. I will soon start my first EV conversion, i got the batteries and are now looking around for my donor car, in the mean time i am thinking about a lot of different detail solutions. I have seen this idea of using a simple PWM to drive an IGBT...
  2. Idea for AC (or DC) controller

    After considering the idea of a bidirectional DC-DC converter to use perhaps 48 VDC or 96 VDC batteries to provide 240-700 VDC for a VFD, I got the idea that perhaps the DC bus voltage level could be adjusted according to the speed of the motor. My thinking is that, at low speed and high torque...
  3. Magic Sinewaves - Don Lancaster - suitable for AC drives?

    For some time now Don Lancaster of "The Guru's Lair" and "Tinaja Quest" has been touting his unique methodology of creating sinewaves using a modified PWM technique which requires much less storage space for the sine tables and very low harmonic content. Has anyone actually tried this method for...
  4. current limiting controller question

    Here is a newbie question: Lets say that we have a PWM controller that is current limiting. What is the purpose of the current limiting? Is it to protect the MOSFETs in the controller or the motor? Thanks