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  1. Budget Performance Hybrid Conversion Questions.

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, first time poster here! Sorry if Im clogging up the site with noob questions. I tried to find my own answers but was utterly swamped by info and got pretty lost. Anyway, in the future I'd like to do a full conversion, but for now I have a different project in mind. I'd like to do a...
  2. Battery problem on Electric scooter

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys i have a quick question about my electric scooter, so i purchased a razor ecosmart metro 36 volt 21amp electric scooter 2 years ago and the battery used to last me about 5miles but now it only lasts about 1 and a half :( i was wondering how i could increase the range (and hopefully...
  3. All wheel drive ev

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Is it possible to set up an all wheel drive ev with a motor driving the front wheels and another motor driving the back wheels, with the option of driving in two wheel drive mode and the second motor acting as a generator until all wheel drive is needed, and no, this is not meant to be a...
  4. Controller basics and motor torque

    I wondered if someone here could answer a question I have concerning the advantages or not of higher voltage controllers for series DC motors. As I understand it controlling a DC series motor with PWM, involves the rapid switching of the supply (battery pack) and varying the pulse width (up to...