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  1. Autocross EV special

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    Hi from Australia, I am towards the end of a project to build a special EV for motorkhana / khanacross. Most of you would know these events as similar to Autocross. While there are other electric race cars around this will be the first specifically for motorkhana and khanacross...
  2. Silent Thunder All-Electric Nationals: A day of drag strip & road racing for EVs!

    EV Performance
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE... ---------------------------------------- EVENT: Silent Thunder All-Electric Drag Racing and Road Racing Nationals. Pacific Raceways and the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) present the first all-electric drag racing and road racing combination event...
  3. Hi speed solar powered motorcycle road racing comes to america!

    EV News
    The New Orleans based firm ‘Solar Alternatives‘ will be charging eMotoRacing℠ racebikes at the 2014 season opener at Roebling Road Raceway. Races are March 1st and 2nd at this historic twisted ribbon of asphalt near Savannah, Georgia. Now zero-emission racing is exactly that, as the portable...
  4. Planning EV Race Car

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    Hi All, My name is Alex. I'm a big EV enthusiast and I have decided that I want to build a race car. I have little experience disassembling and reassembling cars but I am fairly apt with my hands and I'm fairly bright. Here's a little bit about me, I am a student at a small university in...
  5. Ride Along at 128mph in DC Plasma

    EV Performance
    Hey, bored of putzing along at 50mph to try to save energy? feeling hungry since dinner was an hour ago and your still driving home? want to feel real EV excitement again even if only vicariously? Try riding along with DC Plasma at 128mph, woot...
  6. How to start developing a Regenerative brake system for an EV race car?

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    Hi all I am trying to develop an Regenerative brake system for an Electric race car, i was hoping to get some feedback on how i can go about starting this project and the considerations i should be making. The powertrain for the car has already been developed, it consists of: 2 20kw PM DC...