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  1. Technical Discussion
    First post around here so go easy on me. Sorry about the blocks of text ill try to organize it. Intro Hello I am a member of a team that is assisting in the development of an student designed electric racecar. More specifically we are assisting in the design and prototyping of the motor control...
  2. Technical Discussion
    effort to not hijack thread
  3. New Member Introductions
    I am strictly in the idea phase of putting an electric drive setup into my car. I have been bouncing ideas around in my head for like a week now, and started to kinda go in circles so... I have finally decided to post to get some input. the car I have the idea for is a 2011 Ford Fiesta S sedan...
  4. Batteries and Charging
    I've been looking into BMS products to make the most of my Lithium batteries, but looking into the specs and how they work I began to wonder about if this would limit the effectiveness of my planned usage of regenerative braking of my AC system. I like the function and display of the Ligoo BMS...
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone. I am trying to build an electric motorcycle with a Fuji make industrial vfd. This vfd has a DC bus link. The DC link voltage is 600 V. I am planning to use a battery bank of 96 V and will be using a DC-DC converter to step up the voltage from 96 V to 600 V. My question is, if I...
1-5 of 5 Results