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  1. Classifieds
    It is time to disband my DIY EV project, the vehicle will never show up and now prices for another similar car are out of my reach. I have 15 Leaf battery modules (8kWhr) "Lizard Cells" from a 2017 replacement pack (2012 car w/24kwhr battery) for $110/ea, or $1200 for all modules. There are...
    $110 USD
  2. Batteries and Charging
    My Mini-BMS control board died, so I installing a dilithium BMS. I need to know if that does lithium BMS will shut off my Elcon TCCH-144-16 charger without the use of an external relay. My Mini-BMS system used to do this. If I do need a relay, what should I use? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. IMG_8877[1].JPG

    second attempt to configure fuse box
  4. Technical Discussion
    The college I am at is currently revamping our electric vehicle. And while we do realize that in a normal vehicle (gas powered) there is normally a starter solenoid or relay. We were curious if the one in the vehicle was even needed. What would be the benefits/ downsides to having no starter...
  5. Technical Discussion
    I have just built a voltage sensor relay that fits easily in an 8 pin octal enclosure (1.5"x1.5"x2"), with DPDT contacts rated at 8 amps 240 VAC. It draws only about 12-15 mA from the signal, which can be AC or DC. It is only programmed to turn on the relay at 160 VAC and off at 140 VAC, to...
  6. Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I was thinking, while the PakTrakr doesn't seem to use a ton of power, it is drawing off the batteries...would it make sense to put a relay on each remote to prevent this, or is it better to just let it run for tracking purposes?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone here on the forums, I thought I should join as I have been getting into some serious consideration about changing over to an EV. Can I just say that I am extremely impressed with some of the work that you all do, and I admire the determination and creativeness of people such as...
  8. Technical Discussion
    I'm looking for some thermal switch/relays to control my motor and controller fans, I recall seeing one similar to the one pictured here a while ago, for $8ish, I think from digikey (think I got the link from someone here), but can't seem to find it now. Anyone know where these can be had? Needs...
  9. Technical Discussion
    I've got a 1500W ceramic heater ready to go in, at 144V with a fan blowing across it, used about 10-12 amps. Tested it without a relay, just had the HV wire connected to one side of the 144V and held the other end. When done, it arched pretty good, makign me guess a normal 12v coiled 30 amp...
1-14 of 14 Results