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remy hvh250

  1. Modifying Lexus (Toyota) GS450h Controller to drive Remy HVH250

    Hello all, Inspired by Vincent's 330ci conversion, I decided to buy 2007 Lexus GS450h Controller - G9200-30030, not realizing it would need major modification. This will be driving the Remy HVH250 700V 300A motor. Now that I have it with me, I want to try and modify this and may be use GEVCU. I...
  2. Remy HVH250 electric brushless motor 90kW - 550$ on eBay

    Electric Motors
    HI there I have seen some of these Remy HVH250 electric brushless motors advertised on Ebay and they sell for as low as 550$. It is a cartridge motor so it will need a housing but considering they sell new for 6000$ new... . I found also this one -...