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  1. 1954 Renault 4CV #R4eCV

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    Dear colleagues, as suggested by fellow forum-member brian_ in the new members introduction, I will start a thread for my EV-Conversion of a 1954 Renault 4 CV. For those of you who are not familiar with this nice little french car (rear engine and RWD), here's a picture together with its...
  2. Renault Zoe motor synchronous motor

    Electric Motors
    HI, I have just acuired a Renault Zoe Motor. It appears to be a synchronous motor. It has a electicaly magnitised rotor and stator with three pahse and nutral cables. I am trying to get it to spin but I dont have any nameplate info for the motor. If anybody has this information I would...
  3. [No title]

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    reposted in motors i hope