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  1. For Sale: '94 S10 EV Donor Vehicle

    This listing is for an S10 EV donor vehicle, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is NOT a functioning electric vehicle, nor even a functional gasoline-powered one, for that matter. I looked long and hard for an acceptable donor vehicle for an EV conversion project and found one right up my alley...
  2. Automatic Chevy S10

    Technical Discussion
    I've got a Chevy S10 with a 5 speed, and with almost 15000 miles in Wisconsin, its getting a little bit rusty. Its falling apart! Probably doesn't help that I go really fast. And I drive on the salty roads cause my Prius gets only 45-50 mpg. Anyone want a Prius? I'm going to get a newer S10...
  3. Planning a 2001 S10 pick-up conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I own an S10 pick-up that blew a rod and damaged the engine block. So I decided it was time to convert my pick-up into an EV. I have wanted to convert a vehicle for a long a time. It started when I was a high school teacher in ’94 I had a fellow colleague converted a ‘70’s VW bug with his...
  4. Whats wrong? Motor surges real bad

    Technical Discussion
    I drove the truck 55 miles just to see how far it'd go in 20 degree weather. As I got home, the brakes blew the front drivers side line. So today I replaced it, it fought me all the way, and I got back in the truck to test drive it. I idled down hill but when I started stepping on the gas...
  5. AC55 and S10 manual transmission.

    Electric Motors
    Has anyone done a conversion to S10 with this motor and retainned the functionality of the manual trasmission ? Thanks
  6. I want to do a conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'm 17 years old, but I'm very good with mechanics. I'm in the process of fixing a rod knock in an old S15 sonoma. After I finish with the truck I'm hoping to sell it and get some money to start an EV conversion. I'm thinking of getting an old geo, or something small like that... or maybe an...
  7. Featured EV Video: Craig Dusing's Chevy S-10

    This weekend we filmed some footage of Craig's S10 EV. I thought it was a very nice conversion although he wants to make it even cleaner still. The truck had plenty of pep and good range. If you have questions about this conversion, this is the place to ask. He used 16 8v Trojan golf cart...