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  1. Batteries and Charging
    Apologies - not sure how to add this post in to the relevant index section for Hyper 9 builds. Please tell me if I can/should post it elsewhere. I am using 5 Tesla modules in series. I consider fully charged to be 4.2V per cell (which I know is right at the top limit) and I consider totally...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I found while driving my own EV that, if I hold the accelerator down too long, the motor draws a lot of current and the battery voltage sags low. The car simply will not go any faster under these conditions but, if I lift my lead foot off of the pedal for one second, the voltage lifts, the motor...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    Our 48 Thundersky LiFePO4 100Ah batteries have a top charge of 162 but sag while conservatively driving to around 124 or so. Is this acceptable, or harmful to the pack?
1-3 of 3 Results