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  1. Damaged Leaf Auction Advice Needed

    Technical Discussion
    After costing up 20KWH of 18650 lithium Ion batteries at around NZ$11K delivered I have decided instead to try and purchase a nissan leaf at a salvage auction this thursday. I had a go last week for an early gen2 model but did not really research what I was doing and so chickened out at $6K and...
  2. Tesla Model S salvage

    Production EVs
    Hello, I have an application that requires high momentary axial power. Averaging to 100-200kw depending on load few minutes at the time. Maximum power is probably around 350kw. Device is run periodically. Currently the task is run with decently sized freebreather gasoline engine. To cut the...
  3. Attempted repair/salvage of VFD

    Technical Discussion
    Someone on a machinists' forum had a Hitachi L200 3HP VFD that suddenly stopped working with an E14 ground fault error, and I offered to pay him up to $50 for it, thinking I could repair it or at least use some of the parts. He sent it to me and I determined that the upper IGBT on the T2 motor...
  4. need a little help for an ev project

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I want (need) to convert a vehicle for financial reasons as well as green reasons. I need to be able to do this conversion on a very strict low dollar budget. I am trying to source a donor vehicle for as close to free as I can get. I have located a salvage yard with thousands of electric...