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  1. For Sale: de-ICE'd saturn sl 2000 60k $100 u tow

    scrap'd: de-ICE'd saturn sl 2000 saturn sl 2000 Thanks for the support
  2. New Saturn project!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody, I'm John from Southwest Ohio. I have a Saturn SL2 donor car ready to start the conversion process on. This will be a budget project, a proof-of-concept for me as a newcomer to EVs. So far, I'm still in the pricing and learning phase. If anyone has ever worked on a Saturn, or been a...
  3. 2000 Saturn SL conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Helllo DIYers! Good to be here amongst fellow tinkerers! ive been aware of your community a few years now and have been reading up more recently, and after my first 2 DIY electric bike adventures, it's time to get serious. I've got a 2000 Saturn SL (curb weight 2,332lbs) in what should be...
  4. First steps

    I have bought my donor car. It's a 2002 Saturn SL1 with 220,000 miles and a rough engine, however it still runs. The price was $900 which was OK I think? I have been looking for ages on Craigslist for the right car and toyed with all sort of cars. In the end I went with what was available and...
  5. 1996 Saturn SL-1, under 3K$ conversion

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    Well i finally made enough progress that i can justify making a build thread. Main info: 1996 Saturn, ~140,000 miles Engine spun a bearing, repair costs over $1000(paid $1000 for the car at 92kmiles) car also has a bad wheel bearing, that will need fixed. Motor: Yale/Hyster 24/36 volt to be...
  6. Advice on Saturn motor mount, axle support

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'm waiting for my EV America order (ADC 9" motor, Curtis 1231C controller, etc.) and working out how to mount the motor on my 96 Saturn SC2. If you have a Saturn (or just more experience than I do, which isn't hard), I'd appreciate your advice. To get the engine out, I dropped the whole...
  7. Planning Saturn SL1 '92 Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey, everyone! I'm new to this forum and new to DIY conversion, but I've been keeping an eye on electric vehicles and other alternatives for a long time. Now that we're "comfortable" with $3.50/gallon here in NWA (Northwest Arkansas) I've decided it would be economically feasible to build one...