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  1. Help Diagnosing SepEx 1243-4301 problem in GorillaVehicle e-ATV

    Hey there Controller experts.... I've been asked to attempt to repair a 2004 GorillaVehicle e-ATV. The owner has attempted repairs in the past, and made a bit of a mess at the key-switch end, which MAY have been sending either 12v, 24, or 36v back to the GorillaVehicles control board, and on...
  2. sepex controller for 96V motor ?

    Hello from south of France. I am searching a Separately Excitated Motor Controller for a 96V sepex motor. It's easy to find/48/72/80 V, but difficult to find for 96V sepex motors. This motor is the original motor of the Electric Piaggio Porter, a EU version of the Daihatsu Hijet electric...
  3. Hefty-G cultivating tractor

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hi everyone. While my zero turn mower project patiently waits for me to find a perfect pair of worm reducers I have started on a much more practical project that enjoys much broader support here on our farm. I am converting our Hefty-G cultivating tractor into a battery-EV from it's original...
  4. GE Sepex Controller (Model IC3645SR4T404N11 )

    I have a GE SEPEX controller that is from a Yale Forklift which is described as a "Separately Excited Transistorized Dual Motor Traction Control and Series Pump Control" system. There are 2 controllers, a master and a slave. They are connected via the 15 and 16 numbered pins (as well as others...
  5. Conversion of Adv.DC Series Motor into DC SepEx

    Electric Motors
    Hello folks, I'd like to get REGEN out of a DC Series Motor. DO you know what should I do to convert the motor into a DC SepEx Motor? The Motor is Advanced DC Motors, which doesn't seem to have internet presence anymore, it's hard to find his motors. Thanx a lot, ekthor
  6. HSE12101 Kelly Controller or similar, anybody?

    I am looking for people who have experience with the HSE12101 Sep Ex Controller from Kelly and can share their thoughts on that one or similar Kelly controllers, before I buy. I have in four years blown four SepEx controllers in my car :mad:. Two Sevcon PowerPak (the company is not supporting...
  7. GE EV-1 SCR Control and Sepex Controller

    I have 16 G.E. EV-1 scr control oscillator, sticker says ic3645osc 1A3 24-48 Volts DC. MCF remans, still taped up in boxes. I also have 2 Curtis PMC Sepex dc motor controllers, model 1244-4416. 24-36 volt, 400 amp. Manufactured by Curtis, non ever used, all in new condition. I have a couple...
  8. Effect of motor length on a SepEx motor's performance

    Electric Motors
    Unfortunately I have to replace my D&D 6.7" SepEx ES-10C motor due to a couple of comm bars lifting. They spring back when pushed down otherwise I'd just have the comm turned.:mad: Early in the motor's life it was over worked due to a high gear ratio for my hill climbing and it didn't have...
  9. Soleq Sepex Controller

    For all (or any?) of the Soleq EVcort owners out there, I have replaced the Soleq sepex motor controller in my EVcort with a pair of Kelly controllers, and outlined the project here: While the Soleq Controllers were an impressive design feat, they tend to fail...
  10. Expert controller advice needed

    Electric Bikes
    Hello! This is my first project dealing with any sort of electric motors. I have been teaching myself as I go but I ran into a road block I want to use a CURTIS SepEX TRACTION CONTROLLER DC MOTOR CONTROL 24- 36 Volts with a 4 HP 24 Volt DC Reversible Electric Motor The problem (I am told)...
  11. Using Automotive Alternator as Sepex Motor

    Electric Motors
    So I have an extra Curtis 1244 36V 400A controller and a GM alternator. I would like to use the alternator as the motor/generator for an electric motorcycle. Where to start, and what should I be careful about to avoid melting things, like my FACE. Thanks, Joel