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  1. Controllers
    When trying to generate the EDS file from the DVT software I get this error message. "Error unable to select index 'a number' in OD table" note: a number changes every time I try to send the command to create the file with the command "create_eds 1". Would somebody in the forum know how to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello all Thanks for accepting me I am currently running air compressors on my service trucks using brush type me1004 motors by moto energy at 24vdc, system works good accept for the brushes hang up in the aluminum holders and i have to remove and clean at least twice a year So time to up...
  3. Controllers
    Hi, just got my first "real" drive kit from electricmotorsport after successfully converted to EV one kid dirtbike and one small ATV with some cheap alphawheel brushed motor. This Gen4 size2 + ME1718 motor kit cost me 10 times what i've paid earlier and failed to work out of the box. It wiggle...
  4. Controllers
    I have a problem on SEVCON Gen4. My problem is CAN node id cannot communicate with IXXAT v2. It's happen after I update the SEVCON Firmware using DVT version 2020.9a and SEVCON LED indicator always on without any blinking. I also attached my test:
  5. Controllers
    Hi! Im helping a friend to get his mini cooper running. It has a me1115 connected via HTD-belt to the original gearbox. The me1115 is configured using the following data: We use a fwd-rev switch and a crutis pb-5 pot. The sin/cos encoder has been configured and the me1115 spins smoothly...
  6. Controllers
    Hi, I'm Bernardo from Mexico City. I bought an EV kit from ElectricMotorSport, but I messed up with the configuration inside the Sevcon Drive. Does anyone know how to use the configuration software named DVT from Sevcon ? My EV is not moving anymore, and I have checked all the cables. I...
1-6 of 6 Results