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  1. Powerpak SEVCON

    Hello! Can anyone share a wiring connection diagram between DC Motor Controller SEVCON Powerpak Part: 662S45651 (F1, F2, A, B+, R, B- & S terminals) and Motor's terminals? Thanks
  2. Making wiring harness for Sevcon gen4 size 6

    I am attempting to make a harness that will interface the sevcon gen4 controller with my computer Via IXXAT CAN cable. I have the cable and i have the connector kit but i need to wire it. the manual has not been very helpful in giving me specifics so could one of you guys help me out? I am using...
  3. Sevcon GEN4 72/80v 550A, ME1115 Motor & IXXAT Programmer

    Selling a ME1115 brushless motor made by Motenergy, paired to a Sevcon GEN4 550A 72/80v controller. The system was originally purchased from Electric Motor Sports and used on autocross go kart. Has less than 4 hours of run time on the whole system. Looking to get $3500 USD for the whole...
  4. Sevcon 4qpm controller problem

    Hello, I am using a sevcon 4qpm controller and a PMG-132 perm motor for an e-car. Problem: When I press the keyswitch the contactor closes immediately, no delay as before, and I am getting the fault: Drive 1 off, contactor 1 did not pulse during power on failsafe checks (failsafe circuit...
  5. Induction Motors

    I've read that two of the advantages of using induction motors in EV conversions is that they are ubiquitous and not expensive. However, I find very few sellers of induction motors suitable for EV conversion (compared to DC equivalents), and the motors that I do find are much more expensive than...
  6. JLG Sevcon MOS90C 24/36V DC Contoller Complete Panel Scissor Lift

    JLG MOS90C 24V DC Contoller Complete Panel Scissor Lift $1000 / Best Offer Used, Working, Removed from working machine Control Panel JLG Controller...
  7. Sevcon MillipaK 4Q Controller w/ Regen Braking + Handheld Programmer - $495

    Sevcon MillipaK 4Q 48v 300 Amp Regen Controller for Brush-Type Motors with handheld programmer. $495 plus shipping This controller was part of a EV science project (total use time of the controller was less than about 1 hour). I can show you the project if you like. If the controller fails...