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  1. Electric Motors
    Hey, Just a quicky for anyone interested. I had a shorted Warp 9. It caused a Curtis controller to fry, and my Manzanita to also fry. Thought it was my battery pack, and it may have been shorted to frame from salt spray, but once the motor got shorted enough, it started frying things...
  2. Batteries and Charging
    So I'm charging my truck, main disconnect is off, and I'm going to start wrenching on the HV wiring going from the Curtis 1231C to the main disconnect. Just for fun, I decided to see if there is any voltage differential between what I'm working on and the trucks ground by using the wrench. A few...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Always seems I'm asking more than I'm helping.. With a Fluke meter across my Battery Pack to the trucks ground, I'm reading some voltage. I have 46 Thundersky 160 AH. Measuring from ground to the 40th battery, I get very little voltage, but measuring at battery 41-46, the voltage increases...
1-3 of 3 Results