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  1. Student Needs Help!!! What is a shunt in an EV?

    Technical Discussion
    I'm a student trying to learn about Electric Vehicles. I need to know what an Shunt is, in plain English so I can understand!!!!! ((Not a Shunt Motor))
  2. Simple shunt battery balancer

    Batteries and Charging
    So I want to have a simple battery balancer to balance my lead acid batteries for my ev converted motorcycle. There are 4 12v batteries to balance and my charger is a simple 48v not-even-sure-how-many amp cheap chinese one. I was wondering if it would be possible to use this circuit as a...
  3. Expert controller advice needed

    Electric Bikes
    Hello! This is my first project dealing with any sort of electric motors. I have been teaching myself as I go but I ran into a road block I want to use a CURTIS SepEX TRACTION CONTROLLER DC MOTOR CONTROL 24- 36 Volts with a 4 HP 24 Volt DC Reversible Electric Motor The problem (I am told)...