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soliton jr

  1. For Sale: EV Conversion in San Diego

    I'm selling my converted EV in San Diego, CA. 50 CALB 180AH batteries, Soliton Jr. Controller, 9" DC motor, Zivan Charger. Runs fine. Make an offer.
  2. FS: Soliton Jr (refurb) w/ latest hardware revision

    Refurbished Soliton Jr fully tested and calibrated and without an infernal warranty voiding sticker or security screw on the bottom cover. It has a new IGBT module (though nothing was wrong with the old one - the controller had a precharge failure on the main board from repeated cycling of...
  3. Replacing my Soliton Jr

    Since Evnetics is no longer supporting their old product line, I need to replace my Soliton Jr. It has been acting up for 2 years now and this year I only got 150 miles out of it over the summer. Before that I accumulated 15000 miles over the previous 3 summers of driving. I wasn't even aware...