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  1. Aixam Mega eletric speed problems

    Electric Motors
    Hi everyone, i bought an electric Aixam mega city truck in the Netherlands. i was under the impression that it would be a 45km/h restricted edition. it has a sticker on the back stating that it should be. however it wont go over 30km/h for some reason. the manual states that, without a...
  2. Fincor 5205P0 230V 5HP AC VFD controller

    I have been looking for a 5HP 230V VFD controller to use on my tractor project, and I found this on eBay: It seems like a good deal, even if I might only use it for the parts. Supposedly it is a working unit, but I can't find any manuals or information on...
  3. Warp drive limiting

    I would like to limit motor RPM by shutting down the Warp drive controller, I have an older controller without brake and reverse inputs. I have not been able to test yet but think if I cut the ignition line, I would have to wait for the start sequence and possibly set a code as well. Has anyone...
  4. Electric sternwheeler

    Electric Motors
    I know this is a bit off the electric car line, but it IS my new project, and I'd love some advice/input, etc. We're in the process of building a sternwheel pontoon boat, using a 6 foot, 8 bucket wheel and two 30 foot pontoons. I would love to electrically power the thing, using battery power...