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    Hi all, I am building a custom EV (three wheels; two front wheels, one rear) for driving on road. The rear wheel is the driven wheel. My specs are listed below: Vehicle curb weight - 500 kgs (two seats) Battery - 48 V Lead Acid 100 Ah (4 of these) - total weight 125 kgs Motor - Golden Motor 3...
  2. EV total range variation based on motor size

    EV Performance
    A friend of mine had an E-trike that worked on a 1 KW motor and had a curb weight of 350KG and had a range of rougly 40 miles using 48V/100Ah Lead acid batteries at 20-25 mph. Is it safe to assume if I have a similar build but replace the 1 KW motor with a 5 KW motor that I should still get...
  3. New to the concept

    New Member Introductions
    My thoughts of converting a car to electric power began when I couldn't get my 93 Geo Metro running right. While searching for tips on youtube, I watched several videos featuring them being converted. I have since corrected the problem and am once again happy with my pregnant roller skate...
  4. Idea for AC (or DC) controller

    After considering the idea of a bidirectional DC-DC converter to use perhaps 48 VDC or 96 VDC batteries to provide 240-700 VDC for a VFD, I got the idea that perhaps the DC bus voltage level could be adjusted according to the speed of the motor. My thinking is that, at low speed and high torque...
  5. New Build

    EV Performance
    Hello everyone, As you can see from the few number of posts, I'm new here. I've been lurking for about a month here and on economodder. As a EE and a former instrumentation and controls engineer, I'm interested in performance. My other car is a `91 Mustang GT convertible that I just finished...
  6. DIY foot throttle

    Technical Discussion
    I had an idea for a simple DIY foot throttle for an EV. Apparently the resistive potentiometer types are prone to wearing out and failure, and other types such as hall effect and LVDTs seem to be very expensive. I don't know what specifications are needed, but for my own purposes using a...
  7. More Range

    Technical Discussion
    I'll use this 288V 160A/h battery pack, how could I get better range? using it like a two 144V packs in paralell, so I'll have 320A/h, so I'll have more output Amperage, or using it like one 288V battery pack? or is the same? (Batteryes are Lipo)
  8. S-10 with a Kelly 650 AMP

    EV Performance
    I had an S-10 with a Curtis 500 amp. Did 77MPH. I sold it,:(, and bought a better S-10 and have installed a Kelly 650 AMP controller. Problem is, I'm only getting 45mph. Dont have amp meter yet, so I'm not sure what its putting out, but with the old truck, I had a Kelly 500 AMP and it only...