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  1. Solar powered electric house boat for sale

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    As also posted on eBay: The Nomad is a light weight solar powered pleasure boat for 4 to 6 persons (3 rooms) measuring 14.90 x 5 metres with a height of 3.30m and draught of 1.30m. The living room has ample space of 27 m2 and extends under favourable weather conditions to 37 m2. A panoramic...
  2. pictures of "sustainable energy" exhibition

    New Member Introductions
    the team of has been at the “sustainable energy” exhibition at MB museum. check out our pictures:​9/sustainable-energy/
  3. Barak Obama or John McCain - Which Candidate will Revive the Electric Car?

    Big news! U.S. presidential candidates Barak Obama and John McCain are talking about EVs. Finally, American politicians, corporate executives and grassroots advocates all seem to agree that powering cars from clean, affordable and domestic electricity makes sense. However, politicians have...