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  1. Technical Discussion
    I am wondering if anyone knows the wiring on the Leaf drive selector? It has 10 of 12 pins in connector filled. I'd really like to reuse it in Miata1EV! I imagine there is a 12v switched supply and a ground wire. It uses fairly unique switches for D, N, and R, and probably a momentary switch...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I was thinking, while the PakTrakr doesn't seem to use a ton of power, it is drawing off the batteries...would it make sense to put a relay on each remote to prevent this, or is it better to just let it run for tracking purposes?
  3. Technical Discussion
    I'm helping some guys build a 144V 500 amp EV (Chevy S10) and they want a HV Disconnect Switch. I'm pretty sure I bought the one at cloudelectric, but it says its a 5000 amp at 12V, or 2500 amp at 24V, or..... Is this the proper switch to...
  4. Technical Discussion
    I'm looking for some thermal switch/relays to control my motor and controller fans, I recall seeing one similar to the one pictured here a while ago, for $8ish, I think from digikey (think I got the link from someone here), but can't seem to find it now. Anyone know where these can be had? Needs...
  5. Technical Discussion
    I want to put some solar cells on my EV (120V VW) to charge the accessory battery. However, the Acc Batt doesn’t need much charging since I don’t often drive at night, so it’s just running the contactor and blinker/brake lights. I would like to create a switching charger that will use a bunch...
1-5 of 5 Results