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switched reluctance

  1. Switched Reluctance pancake EV drive-train

    EV News
    Looking at a recent Automobile magazine article about electric cars from the automobilemag site (PM for details) and the beginning comments "As it stands today, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are little more than loss-making goodwill devices" and at...
  2. Switched reluctance motor: [email protected]@32kg/70lbs

    Electric Motors
    Hi Gents, here is a nice datasheet of a VSR motor, that is almost unbelievable to me: /snip Model No. HP Peak HP Cont. Peak Torque(NM) Max speed Shaft OD(mm) Weight (kg) RA215L 24.0 11.3 21.2(28.8) 15,000 1.1(24) 70lbs(32) /snip It only needs a controller with 4 silicone PWM-devices...