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  1. Controllers
    My 10 year old Zilla based conversion is having a problem. The tach has been working for years, but recently the needle started to stick, then the Zilla starts to cut out. I figured out it was the Stall Detect and turned it off. That allowed me to continue to drive it, but not long after, the...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Just finishing up my Ford Focus conversion: AC-50, Curtis controller, 5 speed manual transmission, Thirty (30) 300 amp batteries. Runs great, on the freeway yesterday not paying attention looked down, 81 mph and climbing. Range looks to be around 110 miles. Here's my question: I am building...
  3. Technical Discussion
    So I'm not sure if there is a thread for this already...I didn't find it. I was wondering what/if people use to measure motor RPM? Seems like it would be useful, especially given that many conversions done use the existing manual transmission, I would think it would be helpful for maintaining...
1-3 of 3 Results