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  1. Internal resistance, temperature, usable energy, and efficiency

    Batteries and Charging
    In a current thread on battery pack problems I noted that Lithium cells may have a temperature coefficient for the charging and open cell voltage, but also there may be effects from internal and external resistance. So I found a thread where a chart was supplied with internal resistance as a...
  2. Wire ampacity and overload ratings

    Technical Discussion
    There were some other threads related to this, but I think the specific subject of the nominal current rating of various wire sizes, and the ability to handle overloads above those ratings, deserves separate attention. I just ran a test of #16 AWG magnet wire, which is conservatively rated at...
  3. Cell balance vs. temperature

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi. Most of the EV conversions have space and weight distribution constraints which demand that the battery pack will be split into sections. These will be mounted at different locations where the cooling and temperature conditions may be significantly different. Additionally the end cells in a...