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  1. tesla S battery repair

    Batteries and Charging
    I over charged my battery back in my DIY VW bus EV conversion. I am running (5) tesla S batteries in series. I think the damage is only to one module. I have removed it. There are 10 (18650) batteries with blown fuse wire and testing very low volts. 5 of the 6 groups were reading 4.3x...
  2. switch on/off the contactors inside the 85 kWh TESLA battery

    Batteries and Charging
    does anybody have the detail information, about the procedures over CAN-Messages, to switch on/off the contactors inside the 85 kWh battery pack of the TESLA Model S.
  3. Tesla's Battery Module Covers - Mica Shields

    Technical Discussion
    Greetings to everyone, I was researching Tesla's batteries and found that they use Mica Shields to cover the top and the bottom of the battery modules. However one strange thing I have noticed was, the thermoformed transparant cases had this circular shapes and same shapes were used on Mica...
  4. Tesla Cooling System?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, recently I was presented an opportunity to build a 80kWh backup battery system for a friend of mine. I'm thinking for in both terms of longevity and in cost I am planning on purchasing 15 Tesla Model S Lithium Ion Battery Modules equipped with liquid cooling from EV West. I have been in...