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  1. Planning a 2015-18 F150 4wd Conversion

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    I've already built my 944, a 914, working with a group on a Factory 5 Type 65, repaired and helped with many other vehicles. Right now an aging Nissan Pathfinder, is the gas guzzling tow vehicle we only drive when required. I'd love to have an electric option. And before you all say Tesla...
  2. Working on a 1989 Classic Mini EV Conversion

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    Hello Everyone, Starting work on my 1989 Mini. Thinking of keeping the original gearbox and mounting a Hyper9 motor directly on top of it. Using SilentSync sprockets and belt as a drive system. Have something similar to ´s conversion in mind. But interested in using the Hyper9 9 and...
  3. For Sale: Battery modules, pack, complete drivetrain and other components

    Hi everyone, For sale: Nissan Leaf 2011-12; 500wh module with 75% SOH - 110$ Nissan Leaf 2015*; 500wh module with 90% SOH - 140$ Kia soul 2016; 48V 5kwh usable module - 1600$ Model S modules 5.6kwh SOH 96.4% - 1850$ Volt 2011-15 (2kwh-12S) modules - 700$ Volt 2016-18 (18kwh) Complete...
  4. Tesla 80A Wall Connector diagram?

    Batteries and Charging
    I have a Tesla 80A wall connector that is dead. When connected, it does absolutely nothing - no lights, sounds or anything. It is not eligible for a warranty replacement...long story..., so I cannot just send it back as, it appears, everyone does if they have a problem. I have opened it up...
  5. Electric Vehicle Survey

    New Member Introductions
    Hello forum members, I am conducting a survey to analyze consumer behavior on Electric Vehicles for a university market analysis. I would greatly appreciate it if you could participate in the survey. It should only take you 3-5 minutes to complete. Link to survey...
  6. Rate my build plan (c3 corvette)

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    Location: San francisco, CA Budget: Like 15k for the donor car, and hopefully less than 20k for all the conversion parts and any labor costs. Donor car: 1975 c3 corvette. They're cheap, easy to convert the bumpers back to the wonderful 68-72 chrome bumper design, and have some decent safety...
  7. Battery trailer - 100 volt

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello all - new to DIY I have almost completed a build of a 76' vw bus. Using the netgain hyper 9 100 volt model and a starter battery pack with 5 tesla S batteries. I am contemplating adding another 5 for 52kWhr. I pulled the middle seat and have a custom fold down bed and table...
  8. Going for a roadster...

    New Member Introductions
    About me: just retiring from about 40 years with NASA. Own 6 year old Tesla Model S and love it as a road trip cruiser. About cars: want an EV roadster as second vehicle for commuting, recreating, and short overnight trips. Used Tesla roadsters are interesting, but for me and spouse...
  9. Electric Supercar

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    Hello all, I thought I would start a build thread. I have ordered a K1-attack kit car. I have started the assembly. My plan is to have a Tesla drive train. I am sourcing from EV-West. Hopefully that was a good company to partner with. I am waiting on batteries until the build is further...
  10. How should I transport tesla battery modules?

    Batteries and Charging
    I am moving across the country soon and was hoping to get some advice on what I should do with my 5 Tesla Model S modules. These are my options at the moment: 1. Carry in my primary vehicle during road trip (leaning towards this). 2. Store in donor vehicle which is being shipped (not insured...
  11. For Sale Tesla Gen1 TPMS sensors

    I have 4 used, still working good, TPMS sensors. These are Bao Long Gen-1 sensors. PM if interested.
  12. WTB Tesla MCU1

    Looking to purchase a used MCU1 for the Tesla EV. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Electric Rockcrawler powerde by Tesla modules

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    Hello, small introduction :) BR Pär
  14. Tesla's Battery Module Covers - Mica Shields

    Technical Discussion
    Greetings to everyone, I was researching Tesla's batteries and found that they use Mica Shields to cover the top and the bottom of the battery modules. However one strange thing I have noticed was, the thermoformed transparant cases had this circular shapes and same shapes were used on Mica...
  15. EcoKruz

    EV News
    March 19, 2019 Atlanta, GA Ecokruz, a new Atlanta based startup, announced their launch this month! Ecokruz specializes in EV and Hybrid Carsharing. They aim to make the experience easier for both owners and renters and create the largest network of shared eco-friendly vehicles nationwide. A...
  16. low cost DIY (Tesla) ACIM all hardware controller, no uC, DSP, programming

    Hi folks. In this thread I'm going to present an all hardware DIY (Tesla) ACIM ASIC controller that does not need uC, DSP and programming. It is a spin-off of this thread about a similar controller for a DC series motor. Most of "can it be done?" stuff (simulations, breadboarding) is in the DC...
  17. Tesla VS Hybrids

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Dear EV owners, I am doing the research project about the difference in factors affecting purchase decision of Tesla electric cars and Hybrids. Could you please take a part in my survey (it will take around 5 minutes) It is very important for me to get as many responses as possible, especially...
  18. Tesla Gen 2 Charger Logic board

    I have for sale a V1 version of my Tesla gen 2 charger charger logic board. This is in perfect working order and featured in a recent video : For sale as I am now using a V3 board in the car. The V1 board does not have memory onboard for battery...
  19. Tesla Battery Modules + Electric Boat Part Out

    I am parting out (or selling whole if interested) an electric boat that is almost complete, there is a control system problem which might very well come down to a loose connection in a wiring harness. LOCATION is SF BAY AREA (Oakland) Video of boat -
  20. Master Slave BMS Specs Feedback welcome!

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, Wanted to share what we been working for the past year or two and gather some more feedback about. (I already got some see below) We decided after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to allow our aircraft BMS we designed to be used for diy powerwalls and HV conversion packs. Here is a link...