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  1. CHAdeMO tester

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum but I read quite a bit of the interesting projects and discussions. A friend of mine is working with installations and maintenance of charging infrastructure and we came to discuss that he encounters the issue of completing an installation with actual...
  2. DC-DC boost converter design process, build, and testing

    Technical Discussion
    I have already made a DC-DC converter which takes 12V or 24V from batteries and boosts it to about 300 VDC for use as the DC link voltage for a standard 240 Volt VF drive and three phase motor. This was actually the result of a long process of various trial and error attempts, simulations, and...
  3. Bench Testing 36V forklift motors

    Electric Motors
    Hi I am interested in making a test bench for Raymond/Toyota AC-DC motors for my shop. I need guidence to start from scratch. I am not a machanic or in the forklift repair industry. But we do DC repair motors from time to time. It will be a free run test only. Thanks