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  1. DCP Raptor temp sensor?

    Is there any brain trust left on DCP Raptor 600 controllers? Mine is from a build done in 2007. It was an original DCP that was sent to Black Sheep Technologies for their wizardry. I have no idea what that means except that throttle changed from an inductive unit to a pot. All that was before I...
  2. Thermal ratings for ME motors?

    Im looking for any information you can share on the thermal performance of the Mars electric motor series (specifically the ME-1004). Maximum operating temperature? Thermal insulation class? etc. This will help me determine if i am overheating and need to add additional cooling to my system...
  3. Looking for thermal switch/relays

    Technical Discussion
    I'm looking for some thermal switch/relays to control my motor and controller fans, I recall seeing one similar to the one pictured here a while ago, for $8ish, I think from digikey (think I got the link from someone here), but can't seem to find it now. Anyone know where these can be had? Needs...