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top speed

  1. Help calculating voltage needed to reaching desired top speed

    Batteries and Charging
    Before I begin I want to just clarify that I am new to the EV conversion scene. In fact, I am pretty new to car specifications in general whether it’s regular combustion or electric engines so please give me some slack when it comes to terms and all. I am a nooby. The other week I was looking...
  2. What motor and amperage should I use?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi,I'm trying to convert a Mitsubishi Lancer, because it is not a heavy car, and also I like it and it has enough space for the batteryes. My question is what kind of motor should I use? I've seen a FB1 4001A or a Warp 9 (they are almost the same), as you see I'll use a DC system. Are those ok...
  3. EV Album Voltage versus Top Speed

    New Member Introductions
    I was curious about the practical relationship between voltage and top speed but I didn't know how to test it, everyone usually says voltage = top speed but can you draw something more concrete than that? Then I realised that the EV album has the voltage and speed data for a whole bunch of...