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  1. Kelly Controller KHB12401

    Hello, I have a Kelly KHB12401 controller which we use along with a Motenergy ME0913 motor, in an FSAE vehicle. We've used it for a while but now we're trying to look into its configuration settings and although we haven't performed many tests we can't quite figure out the exact and specific...
  2. Comparing two Motors - Electric Scooter (Noob Qs)

    Electric Motors
    Hello experts, I understand this is an electric car forum. But some of the tech maybe applicable to smaller applications too. Also am an electronic noob, so apologize in advance if this is too basic. I have 2 motors from 2 brands These are BLDC In-Hub Motors for an Electric Scooter. One...
  3. climbing a hill...... max speed 25MPH

    New Member Introductions
    Converted an old lead sled..... it came with a 1990s vintage 9" GE 21Hp motor (5BT1346B50 Series) with a Auburn Scientific 700 amp Grizzly controller. Conversion brings in 43 CALB 100AH LiFePO4 watched over by Orion BMS. Vehicle weight is at 2500 pounds. Car runs great in the flats but...
  4. What AC motor to replace a Diesel engine

    Technical Discussion
    Hello, I hope some one here can help me out. I´m on a project to convert a Bus using a 190hp, 700 nm Torque diesel engine to electric. My first though was to get an electric motor with the same power and torque, but is seems that it will be too much, but because such an electric motor is quite...
  5. Electric motor with high peak torque

    Electric Motors
    Hey guys, can someone please point me to the manufacturer that produces electric motors with high peak torque, something between 900 and 1100 Nm? I would be very grateful! Thanks!
  6. Vtec just kicked in!

    Electric Motors
    Electric motors by nature are very torquey and normally have more torque that horsepower. I was thinking about how Honda engines have very low torque and have to be revved to the stratosphere to get max power out of them. I was curious as to if an electric motor be engineered to mimic this. Vtec...
  7. Motor torque calculation doubt

    Electric Motors
    I had a doubt while choosing an dc motor for a college EV project. While calculating the torque on my motor I had considered two factors : 1. The weight of the car. 2. Aerodynamic drag force. So, while looking at motor datasheets and considering the load on motor, why should I consider the...
  8. Ev conversion torque calculation and motor specifications.

    Electric Motors
    I am planning to convert a Maruthi Suzuki Esteem into pure electric car run by Switched Reluctance Motor drive . I contacted the motor suppliers and they asked for the details such as the torque of motor required , rpm , voltage , amps . Well from googling , i found a motor of 10 hp and 72 volt...
  9. Idea for AC (or DC) controller

    After considering the idea of a bidirectional DC-DC converter to use perhaps 48 VDC or 96 VDC batteries to provide 240-700 VDC for a VFD, I got the idea that perhaps the DC bus voltage level could be adjusted according to the speed of the motor. My thinking is that, at low speed and high torque...
  10. Switched Reluctance Motor

    Technical Discussion
    I "rediscovered" this motor in my searches and it seems to be making a comeback because electronic controls are now ubiquitous and the design has many advantages and few downsides. As a point of reference this was touched upon here...
  11. High torque low rpm hub motor

    Electric Motors
    Trying to dream up a diesel eletric rock crawler utilizing wheel hub motors to facilitate a wild suspension design. Is there a wheel hub motor with enough torque to operate on extreme rocky surfaces? Speed is not an issue as it will be a trailered rig. It will use a small diesel motor and...
  12. Heavy Mathematical magic - Calculating Acceleration from Torque

    Technical Discussion
    Okay, so I have a wheel of radius r (Meters), attached to a vehicle of weight M (Kilograms). If I apply a constant torque T (Newton-Meters), how much acceleration do I get? My shaky math comes out to: Inertia I=W*r² Acceleration = T/I (In Radians/sec) Therefore Acceleration = (T/I)*r (In...
  13. Controller basics and motor torque

    I wondered if someone here could answer a question I have concerning the advantages or not of higher voltage controllers for series DC motors. As I understand it controlling a DC series motor with PWM, involves the rapid switching of the supply (battery pack) and varying the pulse width (up to...
  14. DC motor theory and model

    Electric Motors
    Hello All, You may have seen my posts on other threads about a motor model I am developing. Well, I am pretty happy with it and so let me explain. First, the torque generated by a motor is given by the armature current times the "field" times some constant depending on the motor structure and...