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  1. Adapter Plate Worries

    Technical Discussion
    Adapter Plate 1980 Fiat Spider Hello Everyone! New to the forum - what a great group of helpful people! I am in the planning stage of a 1980 Fiat Spider conversion and the first big challenge is to figure out how to get an adapter plate for the motor to trans. The motor/drivetrain plan so far...
  2. 1988 VW Cabriolet EV conversion!

    Electric Motors
    Hey Guys, im brand new to the forum and am here seeking advice from any other DIY minded people. If you have any input or advice on my design please do not hesitate to point out flaw. All help is appreciated. My intention is to gut my Cabriolet and mount and couple a JEGS 300 A, 170 V motor to...
  3. Homemade trans adapters vibrate?

    Technical Discussion
    Hello! I am working on my the conversion of my Fiero to electric. I thought I would buy a hub, but not the adapter plate, and make it myself. When I spoke to a guy one of the more popular EV part makers, he stated that I would have all sorts of vibration problems. Can anyone attest this ? All...
  4. Fiero based conversion/ rebuild underway

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello. I'm about halfway through Fiero based conversion/rebuild here in Columbus, Ohio and thought it was about time to join the DIY forums and introduce myself. The car is being rebuilt around a WarP 11 motor and Raptor 1200 amp controller, with considerable body lightening and body work. I...