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  1. Non Road Going Vehicles
    I would like to transform a tricycle into an electric tricycle and also attach a PV panel on a custom-made roof frame. When the tricycle is parked outside, the PV panel will continue to produce power. the battery will, at some point, become fully charged and thus won't be able to take up any...
  2. Electric Motors
    My brother stumbled upon this sweet Palmer electric cart, that uses a Peerless Tecumseh 5 speed lawnmower transmission, which is driven via belt. I have been having a hell of a time finding a suitable motor, as the original one is smoked. The manufacturer of the cart claimed 24 mile range, with...
  3. Controllers
    Hi! I'm new here. I'm building a tricycle (see photos) and I'm trying to find a good controller. I scavenged two working wheel chair motors with tiny, high torque gear boxes. I only intend this contraption to move about 5mph, so huge torque is more important than speed. What can you recommend in...
1-3 of 3 Results