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  1. For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24, DMOC 145 and Mag Motor

    (3) Azure Dynamics AC24 P1F Motors for sale. -$300 obo each Part Number: MTA-010129 Rev C This forum has some relevant information, but the motor does have a slightly different part number: (1) Magmotor Corporation...
  2. For Sale: Solectria UMOC / Brusa AMC Test Box

    Solectria AMC/UMOC Test Box is a tool used to diagnose problems with the motor/controller or vehicle side wring/switches/pots. Tutorial on how to use the Solectria AMC/UMOC Test Box: Time Lapse building the boxes: Because people like...
  3. FOR SALE: Solectra AC21-A AC Motor + UMOC425T

    For sale: Solectra AC21-A AC Motor Solectra UMOC425T Motor Controller Both units were used on electric vehicle for an SAE collegiate design series in 2008 & 2009 and have been in storage since then. Both units were running when vehicle was disassembled in 2009. I have all user manuals for...
  4. UMOC435T Motor Controller Wiring Resources

    Hi, I recently got my hands on a Solectria UMOC435T motor controller. I'm member of collegiate engineering and design team and my team is fielding the idea of trying to use this motor controller in an electric snowmobile conversion. I'm trying to understand the wiring for UMOC's 12V I/O...