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  1. Help needed in Western USA/Canada

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey DIYEVers, I need help/direction with my project kicking off this summer 2018. If you visit my projects webpage you will find most of the details for where the project is standing, which is all just plans at the moment. Currently I am looking for professional/experienced DIYer help to...
  2. Converting Mercedes208 to electric. Where to start?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I have a Mercedes208 camper from 1978 and it is a very polluting and expensive machine to drive. It uses gasoline 1/5.6. The van is in very good condition and has almost no rust. So I am making a plan to convert it to electric. I have some experience with mechanics and do small repairs...
  3. New to this and need estimates for costs

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone, I'm super new to all this and am looking to set up a budget for an electric RV or Cargo Van. My plan is to convert a larger vehicle like an RV or a Sprinter van, my focus is going to be on range and charging speed which I am sure are two very incompatible things, given that a...
  4. Planning a 1960 Ford Thames Freighter Van Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    My brother and I recently acquired a 1960 Ford Thames Freighter Van. It has been rescued from a garage in Los Angeles and may have been sitting for the past 30 years. The van is quite complete. Here’s a pic of when we first pulled it out of the garage and after a wash and new tires. Plan A –...
  5. Convert a Ford E series for Offroad

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I have this idea to convert a ford econoline or van of similar size to electric but for a offroad purpose. I'm not looking for huge range of course but I do want to go camping about 30 miles from where I live and go do some mild offroading. here is what I need to know, What kind of engine would...
  6. 1974 Battronic Electric Vehicle PROJECT! - $2500

    For Sale: 1974 Battronic Electric Vehicle PROJECT! - $2500 This is a TOTAL project. Maybe even a basket case. 1974 Battronic. Really rare vehicle, not even a whole lot of info on Google. Made in Boyertown Pennsylvania. This truck was owned by St Joe Electric in Missouri at one point. I am...
  7. Ev car help

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello there, I am new to forum, And have a number of problems to solve. 1. Electric bike or 2. Electric car or 4 3. Electric transit van 4. Electric sand rail So range is around 50 miles for a bike at [email protected] 240A peak Car is around 150 miles [email protected] 520A peak Transit van 95 miles...
  8. Ford Transit Connect Electric Van

    EV News
    There will also be a new Transit Connect Electric van be launched this year. If you ask me, pretty good way: commercial vehicles going green!
  9. Eurovan, VW, 1993 conversion to electric

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    anyone know of the eurovan being converted to electric by someone, usa or europe. AC or DC .anything. Dual motors, one on each front wheel. or otherwise. i'm not fussy in these early attempts .... this is a fwd 3 door van. plenty of room for 50 batteries. Has it been attempted, yet, and...
  10. New Conversion-Ford Transit Van

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi all, Im looking to convert a rear wheel drive transit van to battery power. My plan is to do this as simply and inexpensively as possible, I 'only' need a 14 mile range and 30 mph top speed, although I do have to negotiate the occasional hill. My theory (feel free to comment!) is that by...
  11. The new Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell

    Production EVs
    Hi, did you know the Vito E-Cell electric van by Mercedes-Benz has entered production? In case you want to see it here's a test drive in the new Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell Let...