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  1. Best smartphone/desktop navigation for EVs?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi Everyone, I recently bought a KIA Soul (2017), and I've been wondering if there are any reliable navigational softwares or sites that I could use for planning my future trips, maybe even calculate what range I can cover. So far, I've been using abetterrouteplanner. However, I just...
  2. Best second-hand EV as the first car?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi! As a new resident of the States, I'm thinking about which second-hand EV I should buy as my first electric car. As I noticed, there are way too many factors that need to be taken into consideration, so I collected a couple of questions, hopefully, you can help me in them. I would be glad to...
  3. replicate a PCB board in my vehicle

    Technical Discussion
    Good day~ I currently have a project in a vehicle in which I want to replicate a small button PCB board with my own buttons using resistance values for the circuit so the car knows which function to activate. I have already learn some PCB design knowledge from website...
  4. Ev4

    EV News
    New EV4 electric quad bike Movie EV4 is four wheels electric tilting vehicle aeroplanes constructions. Technical specifications Drive: DC motors 2 x 500W DC...
  5. Auckland Electric Vehicle EXPO 2013 - AEVE13

    Hello EV People EV Builders, in association with APEV and Unitec, are again hosting the Auckland EV Expo on July 27 at Unitec. If you are interested in displaying a vehicle, speaking at the event or exhibiting at the event, please get in touch with me Theo Gibson @...
  6. For Sale: '94 S10 EV Donor Vehicle

    This listing is for an S10 EV donor vehicle, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is NOT a functioning electric vehicle, nor even a functional gasoline-powered one, for that matter. I looked long and hard for an acceptable donor vehicle for an EV conversion project and found one right up my alley...
  7. 1972 VW Super Beetle (Converted to 100% Electric) - $5,000 OBO

    I live in Somerville, MA and am looking to sell my recently converted Orange 1972 VW Super Beetle. Here is the Craigslist posting I have: This listing is for a 100% Electric 1972 VW Super Beetle (Orange in color). Vehicle is in great condition! Some rust along most prone spots of the...